Gravestones of Engle and Bronk family members and soldiers of the 137th.

Charles and Charlotte Engle Gravestone

Charles and Charlotte Engle’s Gravestone

Charles Engle survived the war and died December 24, 1918 in Port Crane, Broome County, New York. He and Charlotte are buried in the Port Crane Cemetery.

Charles’s older brother Jacob Engle was 30 when he enlisted as a private in Co. H of  the 109th NY. He was killed May 6, 1864 at The Wilderness and was buried on the battlefield. His death is memorialized on the gravestone of his wife, Rachel Pitcher Engle, at Riverside Cemetery, Broome County.

Charlotte’s brother Erastus Bronk was 29 when he enlisted at Vestal, Aug. 13, 1863 as a Pvt. in Co. B. He was discharged disabled May 23, 1863 at Washington, D.C. He re-enlisted in the 50th NY Engineers on February 15, 1865, at Vestal as a private in Co. F to serve one year; he mustered out with company, June 13, 1865, at For t Barry, VA . Erastus died June 22, 1918 in Canton, OH and is buried at West Lawn Cemetery, Canton.

William J. Bronk  and his wife Amelia's Gravestone

William J. Bronk and his wife Amelia’s Gravestone

Charlotte’s brother William J. Bronk was 18 when he enlisted at Vestal on August 11, 1862 as a Pvt. in Co. B. of the 137th. He was discharged disabled March 16, 1863 at hospital in Harper’s Ferry, VA. He died in the Town of Maine, Broome County, and is buried in the Maine Cemetery.




These photographs were taken in 2000 at the Chattanooga National Cemetery.

These flat markers were also photographed in 2000 at the Chattanooga National Cemetery. These soldiers of the 137th died at Gettysburg and were buried there.

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